Feeling connected

Proud to be keeping clients connected

The unprecedented pandemic Covid-19 turned the working world upside down. By now, you certainly don’t need to be reminded of the Coronavirus impact, the effects are everywhere; in the way we work, play and rest.

As a marketing company that focuses on relationships, we are uniquely placed to see first-hand the impact on our clients and the spectrum of approaches implemented to combat the crisis and adapt to the new normal.

It has also served to highlight the importance of building strong relationships and staying in touch with your contacts. During a time when we have all felt a little disconnected, providing regular touchpoints with your database is invaluable.

On a recent reconnect call with one of our fabulous clients, we asked her if she felt she was getting value from her 36toConvert email campaigns.

Her response?

“Absolutely! At my online meeting last week one of my networking colleagues said that my email blogs were a breath of fresh air during this pandemic. It’s great, they are helping some people, thanks to you.” It brings us great joy that we are helping people feel connected during a difficult time!