Welcome to our video testimonial page! At advantage80/20, we are committed to helping our clients build stronger relationships with their sphere and create more sales opportunities through referrals and repeat business. We recently asked our clients to share their experience of working with us, and we are excited to share their feedback with you.

One thing that our clients consistently mention is the importance of 36 touches to their database throughout the year. By providing consistent, engaging, and valuable content, our clients are able to strengthen their relationships and generate more sales opportunities. Our team at advantage80/20 is dedicated to translating this theory into a highly effective 36 to Convert campaign, and our clients see this as a significant benefit.

So, what do our clients say about us?

They love our creativity, structure, organisation, responsiveness, and support. Working with us saves them time and provides quality, engaging content that they are proud to share with their sphere. Best of all, our services generate more sales opportunities for their business.

If you’re interested in learning more about why our clients use us year after year, click on the videos below to hear their testimonials. We’re excited to show you how advantage80/20 can help take your business to the next level!

Georges Verdis owner of London Executive, York St, London

Georges has been a 36 to Convert client since December 2021. He has found using advantage8020 for his touch campaign a huge benefit and regularly sends us referrals. He recently completed The London Marathon and 95% of his fundraising came from one of his touch email blogs. Not only did this boost his charity funds but also lead to new business from new clients.  

Lucy J Parker Keller Williams Dubai

Lucy has been in Real Estate for 18 years and has always generated business by being very active on social media. In May 2022 she realised her huge database was not hearing from her as often as they should and took the plunge to be strategic with her 36 touches by working with us. Now going into her second annual 36 to Convert, she’s delighted at the engagement it’s generating- even receiving a reply from Keller WIlliams’ co-founder Joe Williams. 

Adrian Jones – KW Hamshire & Cornwall

Adrian’s first 36 to Convert began in May of 2022 and he is just about to go into his second year with us.  Adrian says “Quite simply, for me, it works”.  He is happy that his contacts receive something twice a month which they really enjoy reading and that there’s no risk of it being forgotten. Whilst hesitant at first, he says he wished he’d done it sooner.

Michael Bailey Estate Agents – NW England

Michael has been with us since September 2021. He values the way his 36 to Convert campaign has helped him develop strong relationships with his contacts, turning clients into friends and many business deals that can be traced back to nurturing his database. He says that we are a bonus to his business on multiple levels. 

Sara Morton of SA Morton Real Estates – SW London

Sara is now in her 4th year with us starting back in September 2019 so clearly she sees us as an asset to her company. We save her precious time, and she’s always been impressed by how personalised her content is. She highlights one message in particular which brought in 15 leads.

Tanya Baker – Keller Williams SE London

Tanya has been a client since October 2022. She was initially unsure we would deliver the standard she required but now she loves working with us. We take away the pain of her having to think about her monthly blogs as putting thoughts into words is not her forte. She appreciates us being creative, structured, organised and always responsive to questions. 

Callum Wand Estates – South London

Callum started doing a 36 to Convert himself and soon realised he would rather leave it to the experts, freeing himself up to do business activities that he was good at. One of Callum’s colleagues recommended us to him as she is already a client of ours. 

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