Welcome to our video testimonial page! At advantage80/20, we are committed to helping our clients build stronger relationships with their sphere and create more sales opportunities through referrals and repeat business. We recently asked our clients to share their experience of working with us, and we are excited to share their feedback with you.

One thing that our clients consistently mention is the importance of 36 touches to their database throughout the year. By providing consistent, engaging, and valuable content, our clients are able to strengthen their relationships and generate more sales opportunities. Our team at advantage80/20 is dedicated to translating this theory into a highly effective 36 to Convert campaign, and our clients see this as a significant benefit.

So, what do our clients say about us?

They love our creativity, structure, organization, responsiveness, and support. Working with us saves them time and provides quality, engaging content that they are proud to share with their sphere. Best of all, our services generate more sales opportunities for their business.

If you’re interested in learning more about why our clients use us year after year, click on the videos below to hear their testimonials. We’re excited to show you how advantage80/20 can help take your business to the next level!

Brooke Boltz Boltz Legal – Orlando, Florida

A client since May 2021, Brooke first came across advantage80/20 from a fellow BNI member. Taking up very little of her time we present consistent and quality content that she loves with a high delivery and open rate. We make her touch campaign “Easy Peasy” for her and as a busy business owner, that’s what she appreciates most.

Jorge Trejo of Keller WIlliams Advantage111 Realty in Lake Nona

Jorge is now in his 6th year with us and is completely dedicated to working the 36 to Convert campaign to grow his business. He even teaches it and recommends it to other agents. He loves the structure and systems it gives him.

He says “My customers come back saying they really appreciate my phone calls, postcards and emails because other agents they have dealt with did not keep in touch after the close.” 

Jorge’s advice to anyone thinking about a 36 to Convert, is “stop thinking about it and just do it!”

Brian and Alexia Boodram

Brian feels that it’s a great way to jump start communications and their 36 to Convert feels natural and like he wrote it himself. It initiated an outpouring of appreciation from their sphere. Alexia appreciates the leverage and having someone who she can trust to handle their 36 touches. It’s freed them up to do other things they need to do to run a business. 

Francisco Rosales

A BIG thank you to our from Francisco for helping him keep in touch with his clients for the past 2 years. He says “It’s been a great experience and I look forward to continuing to do business with advantage80/20”.

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