Wealth as a Mindset: How Nataliya Defines Her Business

Nataliya Makhonina-Byrdan has built a comprehensive process for making her clients feel seen, heard, and truly connected. In this article, we will take a deep dive into how Nataliya sets her own standard of service to her clients.

How Yosseff Roman Embraced Competition and Won!

We've all done it - peeked across the digital pond, and taken a look at what another Real Estate agent is doing to get success in their slice of their market. The sad part is, usually, that's where the story ends - that's where you turn back…
Suzette and Mandie celebrate success in Quarter 1 2022

Deciding Despite Being Ready – Suzette’s Success

For someone that is breaking through to a bigger vision, what works matters. Suzette divulges the details that dramatically made a difference.
September Success

September Success

Helping people generate repeat business and referrals by building relationships with their contacts is what we do! So, it's testimony to our 36 to Convert strategy, that September saw four existing clients continuing to partner with us…
Proud to be keeping clients connected

Feeling connected

The unprecedented pandemic Covid-19 turned the working world upside down. By now, you certainly don’t need to be reminded of the Coronavirus impact, the effects are everywhere; in the way we work, play and rest. As a marketing company…
Celebrating in our client's successes

Let’s Celebrate

We love to share good news and celebrate in the successes of our clients. It has been fantastic to see our clients pivot and succeed in extraordinary times and continue to achieve success and growth throughout the month of August.  This…
Masterclass Success 36 to Convert

Our online activity is appreciated

The 5th of August saw us holding a 36toConvert Masterclass, with 32 attendees from both sides of the Atlantic absorbing invaluable tips and tricks on how to win repeat business and build those all-important referrals. The Masterclass was…
A crystal globe resting in cupped hands

What Will the New Roaring Twenties Bring?

When we think of the last few decades, there are usually a few words that come to mind right away. Many of us can remember or have heard stories from the Booming Fifties, or expansive and Groovy Sixties. The Seventies were glamorous and indulgent…
Silhouette of father and son pointing to the future

There’s optimism in the air

There's optimism in the air We’ve been out and about in the last couple of months talking to people about business and life in general and feel a sense of moving forward.  Is there really something in the air?  We asked a few…
Kim Penney presenting 36 to Convert

Kim is in Orlando! Take Advantage and join one of her FREE Classes

Kim will be visiting Orlando in January and will be out and about with Stephen and Tatiana taking classes at various locations in the city. The classes will consist of a 1½ hour workshop where delegates will learn how to create their own campaigns.…