Return on effort

2 Sales From Every 12 People

Did you know that on average you can achieve 2 sales from every 12 people that you have already met? One being a referral and one being new or repeat business. IF (and only if) you keep in touch in the right way!

Become ‘Top of Mind’

Research shows that if you “touch” (i.e. contact) someone for a minimum of 36 times in a year, through a variety of ways, adding value to their lives, you will build a stronger relationship and they will think of you more often. You will become “Top of Mind” when they need your services or they hear of someone needing your services. We call this method 36 to Convert.

Organize Your Database

However, there are certain steps you need to follow before you can expect this level of business. Firstly, you need between 50 and 300 people who want to be in your world. Let’s call them your Top Group. They may be LinkedIn connections, networking contacts, colleagues, customers, neighbours, friends, family to name a few. Then, you need to put them into an organised database system and communicate to them in the right way, giving value to their lives. Communicate consistently and purposefully throughout the year! It really is as simple as that, but it has to be done systematically, 36 times in a year without fail!

How Would 50 More Sales This Year Benefit Your Bottom Line?

A lot of effort you might think. But just ask yourself, how would 50 more sales this year benefit your bottom line?
Many of us have invested a lot of time and money to meet these people, but then do nothing with the connection we have made. Contact details (aka potential customers) secretly hidden away in boxes of business cards, reams of Excel spreadsheets and CRM’s which are just not used to maximum effect.

How We Help

We help our clients to generate referrals and repeat business from their database by organising their contacts, creating bespoke content and systematising the delivery of their communications so they don’t have to! Freeing them up to do what they love best about their business.