There’s optimism in the air

Silhouette of father and son pointing to the future

There’s optimism in the air

We’ve been out and about in the last couple of months talking to people about business and life in general and feel a sense of moving forward.  Is there really something in the air?  We asked a few of our clients for their thoughts on the matter. 

David O’Brien – Business Doctor

Here in the UK, January 2020 is also the first month of a new parliament, a new government and potentially the most stable House of Commons we have seen for more than 10 years. Setting aside political preferences for Boris or Jeremy (or even Nicola), a stable government tends to set a good foundation for businesses to develop and grow. So, we have reason to feel optimistic about what lies ahead. The stock market has risen 5% in the month since the election, reflecting the optimism of big business and shareholders. It’s time for all of us to catch the mood and march positively towards a bright new 2020.

Even if you have concerns about turbulence around Brexit negotiations and other uncertainties, remember that turbulent times also bring opportunities for those with a creative mind and a positive outlook. In 1940, the manager of the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Germany found that the war meant he could no longer import Coca-Cola syrup from the USA. Instead of giving up, he decided to make fizzy drinks from whatever leftover fruit he could find. He wanted people to think that his new drink tasted fantastic, so he called it Fanta! As they say, when life gives you lemons ……

So ask yourself “What is going to make your 2020 a FANTAstic year?”.

Jem Hills – Inspirational and Keynote Speaker

As I’ve been out and about delivering talks, networking and socialising over the festive period, I have definitely noticed a change in peoples’ moods.  I think a lot of people went back to basics over Christmas, resurrecting the traditions of being together with family and friends, playing games and enjoying the seasonal fayre we’ve come to love.  I would say without doubt the fact that the country made a decision coupled with the fresh start of a new decade has given people a lift and they are ready to grab life by the horns!

Is it optimism or relief?

Stewart Hill – Professional Artist and Public Speaker

There is certainly relief from the turmoil and uncertainty of the Parliamentary Brexit fiasco and the General Election. I think the moderate majority of the UK, irrespective of political affiliation, is glad the indecision and uncertainty is over (for now) Let’s get on with it! The Government has an opportunity to build on this relief and hope to generate optimism and show that Brexit is achievable and successful. If they can show that Brexit is not a disaster then this will add to an optimistic future.

When I have spoken to business owners over the past year they were all frustrated by the indecision and uncertainty over Brexit. It was incredibly hard for them to plan. Now they can.

Optimism “Hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something” I sense at this stage there is hope. Confidence will come and grow from successful stages of Brexit implementation.